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Namwon Choi

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

As a Korean immigrant living and creating in America, I perceive myself as being in a constant state of perpetual motion. Attempting to bridge the gap between my simultaneous feelings of affiliation and alienation, I focus on the notion of migrancy when addressing my subject matter, relating its temporal condition to my own personal disposition. In privileging movement over fixity in space and time, I am able to promote procession and engage in action as I navigates relocation and the condition of in-betweens.
I combine traditional Korean painting in rendition of a network of special yet forgettable highways, essentially connecting the new to an older art form. For me, a highway signifies the span of time between a departure from one location and the arrival in another, and it is then reinterpreted as an interval in which I can freely discover my identity within the constraints of two cultures.

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