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Morgan Alexander

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

In many Western cultures, nature has become an enemy to be conquered in the name of profit and expediency. The honeybee and the symbiotic relationship we share with them is the focus of my current work. Since the middle of the last decade, Colony Collapse Disorder has greatly reduced global bee populations and there is no generally accepted explanation. The debate over how and why (not to mention what should be done) shares striking similarities to Climate Change - a dialogue rife with activists, skeptics, and those eager to deny and to point fingers. ?

Salt, lead, glass, and found materials appear frequently in my work. Salt and lead are recurring stand-ins for ourselves, along with vessels that contain (or fail to contain). Seeds, reeds, and other collected objects, along with the recurring horizon line, serve as reminders of the natural world we inhabit (and depend upon) even inside the enclosed gallery.

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