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Morel Doucet

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Through our dreams, we make contact with a vast, yet elusive side of ourselves. My work utilizes and reflects converging objects found in nature, such as accumulation of flora and fauna. Drawing inspiration from nature’s paradoxical beauty, I aim to create work that not only stands out for its regal impact but also for its sensitivity. My inspiration comes from an ongoing interest and profound respect for indigenous tribal cultures of the Amazon, Aboriginal natives of Australia and the Yoruba tribe of West Africa. I am fascinated with garments and textiles of Native Americans and Afro-futurism. With this vocabulary of indigenous art, along with my personal dreams, I make whimsical forms resulting in a diary of my personal mythology. Examining different exotic cultures of the world has enabled me to connect the dreaming experience as a universal theater of fantasy, nightmare, desire and prophecy.

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