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Monet Marshall
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My artist practice, like all delicious things, starts in the kitchen. Watching my grandmothers create magic, pulling ingredients out of cupboards and knowing intrinsically how much is just enough. The ways that my mother’s and aunts’ bodies dance through the tight enclave, communicating in mmhmms, laughs and gentle nudges. This level of intimacy, movement and unbounded communal creativity is what I strive for in my art. It is my favorite way to be and make.

My art sits distinctly and unapologetically in its queer Black womaness. It is impossible to separate my work from my experience as a queer Black cisgender woman creating art in the American south. Just as impossible as separating the legacy of slavery and oppression from the land and salt from the stew. My truths are bound to my art; it tastes better that way.

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