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Molly Sawyer
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

@The work is an exploration of the duality of the human condition. It describes entropy through the compilation of organic materials where the process of creation is also that of survival and decline. It illustrates of the challenges of time: beautiful, painful, exciting, exhausting, excruciating, tragic and affirming.

@The organic assemblages reference the natural world where the connecting thread is their ephemeral qualities and the physical evidence of decomposition. The idea of the interconnectedness of humans with the earth is created through the interweaving of organic and man made materials such as rust, moss, bark, animal fur with wood and steel.

@Their combination is a metaphor for the transience of life with the choice of materials illustrating its impermanence. The works becomes a celebration of the resilience of human spirit. The effort surrounds the continued universal search for acceptance of difficulties to find strength and beauty in our existence.

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