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Molly Sawyer
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I am tracing the connecting threads of life’s process through sculptural uses of organic materials which reflect the passage of time. I look at this entropy through the lens of an observer, witnessing and cataloguing these changes by use of ephemeral materials such as melting ice, rust, deserted honeycomb and driftwood.

Animal fiber is a main component in the work. Within it there is a nurturing quality,
softening the blow of human existence. The work suggests nesting and security though an irony exists in its organic nature, leaving the work volatile and open to potential disintegration.

In this way, it becomes a metaphor for human existence. As with our own bodies reaction to time, I accept and make use of these natural occurrences rather than fight them. The process is an inquiry into the parallel of our lives with the ever-changing movements of the earth as seen through organic changes.

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