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Moises Ramos

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

My work is mostly about experimentation. I like to create artwork from found objects, objects that have no value, or meaning anymore. Objects that when re-arranged, gain a new context and are observed in a new perspective. I play with the human condition and how it is affected by time and emotions and try to convey that feeling in every piece confronting the viewer with it. This process of transfiguration creates anonymous characters that stare at the viewer, characters that could be appearing or disappearing, constructing or deconstructing their world right before our eyes.
Metal, paper, or wood are my favorite elements to work with because they show the passing of time in my work conclusively. Paint, solvents, and human-made objects help me construct a powerful image, where anonymous beings linger waiting to discover a viewer willing to engage in an endless and wordless conversation.

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