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Mimi Silver

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My paintings are based on photographs I take of my brother flaying wild game. Raised in the south, they extend from my ongoing cultural and spiritual crossroads. Southern Gothic literature, particularly the writing of William Faulkner, is often the framework that shapes my perception. I intend to capture the grotesque and ghostlike elegance of the carcasses slowly and methodically with oil paint. I utilize classical glazing techniques in conjunction with contemporary pigments and extreme chiaroscuro to create an otherworldly atmosphere. At once abstract and anthropomorphic, the bodies exist as icons removed from their surroundings by a black void. The ritual of hunting continuously reveals to me a world of mystery and existential conflict that muse over humanity’s deepest quandaries. Like my favorite authors, I primarily discern my experiences and art through base dichotomies- light and dark, life and death, and good and evil.

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