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Michelle Dhankhar

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Michelle Dhankhar (American, b. 1988) –
Alfred, Lord Tennyson famously wrote that it is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. One pain may prove the more devastating as it has no target, no focus for coping. To have loved and lost is, at the very least, a tangible event that can be shared and mitigated. To have never loved at all is a non-event, a hole in the soul that has no shape; a void. That void began to form where new life should have. The most basic human act, to reproduce, to validate the meaning of one's existence by creating another, denied. Barren.

Remnants, the collective title of my work, explores the emptiness that is left behind after hope, after diagnosis, after all. These paintings represent the shells of what might have been. This is all that is left. Remnants of a dream.

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