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Michaela Pilar Brown
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I am interested in peering beneath things. My installations, collage, performance and photographs address issues attendant to the politics of the black body. I remediate personal and familial histories through an archiving of objects. I examine my own habit of collecting as a means of identity construction, working toward the building of personal, familial and community history as counter-narrative to American history, re-centering black female subjectivity.

I explore the ritualized use of materials, objects, and architectural spaces, queering their size, orientation or form to blur the line between memory, dream and experience. I plot the relationship between normative considerations of the body and its function in specified spaces. I use racially identified signifiers to twist and turn mythologies about the body and the spaces, places and histories that it occupies, often landing at the concept of home as both physical structure and repository for history, memory and myth.

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