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Michaela Pilar Brown
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My work addresses issues attendant to the black body. I use nontraditional materials and their juxtaposition to each other, and or dissimilar objects to make statements about the body and its relationship to larger cultural themes of age, gender, race, sexuality, history, and violence. I consider memory, myth, ritual, desire and the spaces the body occupies within these vignettes. The narratives move between past, present and surreal projections of the future, sometimes occupying these spaces simultaneously.

I explore the ritualized use of materials, objects, and architectural spaces, often queering their size, orientation or form to blur the line between memory, dream and experience, plotting the relationship between normative considerations of the body and its function in specified spaces. I use racially identified signifiers to twist and turn mythologies about the body and the spaces that it occupies. The environments I create are disruptive, yet elegant.

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