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Michael Morrison
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

As a kid in the 1970’s I saw The Smithsonian magazine that featured The Riace Warriors, and I saw The Treasures of Tutankhamun in Seattle, Washington. When I experienced these great works of art I was not even 10 years old. I saw them as amazing and mysterious. I did not read the articles or know their history. I was dazzled by their visual information.
With these as inspiration I submerged two series of “heads” in the Wadmalaw Sound for 2 years. One series employs cast aluminum, the other cast bronze. Both have become encrusted with oysters and barnacles.
Ordinary people modeled for these heads. With the lower jaws removed they are rendered speechless, their enormous headdresses a mystery. My intention is for the viewer to be spellbound, guessing at their lineage, their social standing, and their demise.
I am currently completeing the bronze series.

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