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Michael Marks
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

My work reflects my role as a consumer and producer of images in the twenty-first century. I use a wide variety of materials including: painting, drawing, installation, and virtual reality software to create immersive visual experiences. These works blend imagery and techniques from both high and low art sources, and feature distorted realities that traverse themes of science fiction, changes in the natural world, puzzles, and my role as an artist in society. They are captive moments that both reveal and obscure meaning while celebrating their own illusion. Within this assortment of images and environments, I invite viewers to contemplate and explore the collection of narratives present in these visual possibilities by re-imagining the classical through a contemporary lens. What will our society be remembered for after we’re gone? What will we leave behind, when we are left to float in the void of space or the memories of others?

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