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Michael Covello

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I am interested in the language of wilderness. The spaces I depict within my work are densely layered and antagonistic in their composure; with shallow fields of clashing images, patterns, and color. I’m uninterested in making work that is easy to view- instead I strive for excess, where a maximalist non-representational vocabulary creates a challenging space for the viewer to inhabit. By provoking my audience to re-evaluate their methods for viewing, I am confronting the typical relationship we have to image and environment. The motifs of assembly, demolition, and accumulation are common throughout my work, and highlight the temporal process of creation. Thus, as I work on a piece, attempts to organize a space are constantly being folded back in on themselves as the process evolves. As an artist exploring and reacting to this unsteady terrain, I see my artistic process as a suspension between remembering, forgetting, and rebuilding.

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