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Michael Adno

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

In my work, I address the historical and epistemological undercurrents embedded in our country’s past developing more fluid ways to perceive layers of history at personal, state, national, and global levels. Mining my own personal past—as a first generation American—articulates a set of questions that address the construction of regional narratives in relation to established dominant histories. In other words, the historical resonance of place serves as the means for me to build a more in depth and broader understanding of America and specifically of the South. In my most recent project, Cracker Politics, The Limits of Colonial Knowledge, I try to map the inextricable bonds between the colonial past of Florida’s territory and its present state as part of the global entanglement. Moreover, interrogating this relationship offers a method to rethink the space between identity and belonging, the distance measured by memory.

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