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Michael Adno

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Since beginning Cracker Politics, The Limits of Colonial Knowledge, historical societies, archives, recollection, and general store hearsay have been fodder, flanked by an investigative approach. And in the past three years, that has led me to study the history of white supremacists and fraternal organizations in Florida—which remain extant—to their clandestine role in local politics and everyday life since the 19th century. Initially, I looked at the ways the state has privileged more palatable or favorable moments of its past with blatant disregard for elucidating the past, accurately. And that’s bled into a look at Florida’s history, its contemporary political climate, and those who work to abate or abet its demons. And those insights span the entire South in some cases. My project attempts to parse apart lesser remarked aspects of our country but ones that are intimately tied to our fragile notions of self.

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