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Micah Cash
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My paintings and photographs examine the dynamic connections between landscapes and their social histories. I build my paintings from a combination of on-site photography, memory, and historical research. The imagery evokes landscapes impacted by human power struggles, their vistas rearranged and their access limited by ownership, whether private or public. My photographs bear witness to the telling social consequences within landscapes altered in the name of progress, utility, and communal welfare. This collection of paintings and photographs bear witness to the contemporary social impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The sacrifices are internalized, and the benefits celebrated. Access is limited, both physically and visually. My current interests are rooted in the culture and geography of the American South. Ultimately, through the lenses of history and regionalism, the socio-political ramifications of culture’s influence on landscapes resonate on a universal scale.

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