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Micah Cash
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work investigates how land use and social history influence cultural geography. I use the visual languages of landscape and architecture to explore narratives of utilization, demarcation, and ownership. I believe that landscape is a politically charged genre that illustrates how we treat each other as citizens and consumers. My entry for the 1858 Prize includes photographs from two projects: “Dangerous Waters” and “Waffle House Vistas.” "Dangerous Waters" investigates the contemporary public space of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s hydroelectric dams. It was collected in book form by University of Tennessee Press and published in October of 2017. "Waffle House Vistas" focuses on the vernacular landscape and architecture seen from within Waffle House restaurants across the country. This ongoing inquiry emphasizes the homogenous design of urban sprawl, as captured through the identically built windows of restaurants that are physically the same in every location.

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