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Melody Croft

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I am an emerging artist who captures people, places and things with oil paints onto canvas. Unlike the lens of a camera that objectively documents a moment in time and space, my lens subjectively observes. My portrait, conceptual, and genre paintings examine the status quo and social norms of modern life. I paint untraditional realistic narratives that invite viewers to look and consider the psychological, sociological, or emotional complexities of race, gender, age, and culture.
My paintings begin with something I have seen or experienced and slowly transforms into something more. Many of my paintings include poetry using the lettering from newspapers and magazines to form the text. The various colors, sizes, and fonts of each letter add to the visual dynamics of the overall painting. The words: mingle with the image, add meaning to the portrait, and provide a way for the audience to interact with the art.

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