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Melissa Harshman

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My latest work involves the combination of printmaking, installation, crochet, and sewing. This is a new direction in my work inspired by 19th century Danish painter Johan Laurents Jensen and 17th century Flemish painter Daniel Seghers.

Recent pieces have been configured to echo the shape of a mandala. The linoleum prints have been organized concentrically with the crochet flowers in the middle or as part of the circular construction. I am interested in the aesthetic relationship between the prints and crochet flowers.

I have also experimented sewing with and onto prints. These pieces have opened up a new line of inquiry into the construction of the work. I plan to sew prints together to create larger works as well as investigate sewing smaller prints onto larger prints to create a multi-layered affect.

This work provides an outlet for my love of pattern, newfound interest in sewing, and exploration in color.

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