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Meg Stein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My sculptures and animations transform manufactured, household materials into evocative and strange biomorphic forms. Using mystery, wildness, and tactility my work stalks contemporary domesticity, poetically exploring its comforts, contradictions and consequences. Inspired by fantasy, wildlife, feminism, and personal memories, my otherworldly work hovers between dream and nightmare, mimicking known life while remaining alien. Using soft, round forms, often cast from my body, I transform my materials into shapes that suggest peculiar wildlife or illogical combinations of organic forms such as barnacles, craters and coral. My materials are ubiquitous symbols of standardized domesticity and its affinity for traditional gender roles. These materials are marketed as vessels of comfort necessary for happiness, but, to me, they represent stifling structure and the burdensome quest for increased comfort. By metamorphosing these materials, my work offers more fear, excitement, and pleasure.

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