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Meg Stein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Banality is another word for the invisible. Every day, we use common household items without realizing how much they reveal about ourselves. I build sculptures from these ordinary objects to unveil & then distort their hidden messages. Specifically, I investigate femininity & how encoded messages about femaleness both shape & conflict with my lived experience.

My mixed media sculptures playfully mutate recognizable materials into grotesque, bodily forms that range in scale from the size of a squirrel eating a cupcake to that of a linebacker in heels. Pockmarked pink dish sponges become moist, fleshy caverns. Bright white tampons & eggshell cosmetic sponges distend vulnerable, skin-like nylon pouches.

I pull apart & reassemble everyday materials to reflect and then warp embedded feminine expectations. These tactile, visceral sculptures connect social ideas of female identity to lived, sensorial experience, creating opportunities for viewers to envision new pussybilities.

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