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Meg Stein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My biomorphic, psychological sculptures marry abstract, bulbous forms with playfulness & absurdity, subverting myths about feminine roles & aesthetics. Through humor & repetition, I mutate banal materiality—like pink sponges & scented tampons—perverting the social expectations they represent.

Transformative creative processes—such as concealment & erasure—satirize historical actions taken by white women towards non-white women. This work agitates boundaries between the childish & womanly, linking the infantilization of white women to complicity.

The sculptures’ precariousness points to social expectations of feminine delicacy. I invent & solve problems of structural stability, adding protuberant, unwieldy weight to each new piece before steadying its final form. The skin-like nylon & ceramic nipple protrusions are examples of material references to corporeal vulnerability and, couched in a context of whiteness, also illustrate white fragility.

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