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Meg Stein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I use repetitious processes that reference “women’s work” to transform implements of domesticity into psychological, otherworldly forms. Simple repeated actions, using accessible materials, subversively contribute to an evolving femininity & investigate repetition as an act of cleansing & renewal.

My work considers an absurd, futuristic vision: Imagine that a group of women abandons our world in pursuit of the arcane, retreating to the woods with their household belongings. For the next five million years they use simple, repetitive labor to evolve these items into evocative, feminine oddities, a perplexing marriage of wild & domestic.

Using this radical fiction as inspiration, my work upends feminine stereotypes dealing with beauty, mothering and domesticity in order to challenge gender & class roles. These mutative, enigmatic sculptures anticipate a sensual, soft-edged world, punctuated by a 'post-metamorphosis' of gender roles.

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