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Maysey Craddock

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

We think of land as solid and immutable, heavy and dense with proscribed edges and borders, but it shifts as drastically and permanently as anything in our natural world. Coastlines and wetlands are especially vulnerable to change. Forming and unforming, these spaces unfold and regenerate ceaselessly, fragmenting into reflection and continually settling into new iterations of themselves. My gouache on found paper paintings are reflections of this idea of reclamation in the natural world. I work from imagery based on my own photographs of ephemeral landscapes, from which abstracted drawings are rendered and then transferred onto a substrate of sewn-together fragments of found paper. This process of making and unmaking multiplies in materiality and image, mirroring the natural and geological processes that inform my work. These works offer a visual back and forth, echoing wild spaces as ever-shifting repositories for impermanence, disintegration and the inevitability of change.

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