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Matthew Mazzotta

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

The architecture of social spaces: opening “spaces of critique” within the “places” we live.

My work evolves from an interest in exploring the relationship between people and their environments, as well as between each other. My practice is conceptual and manifests as participatory public interventions that aim at bringing criticality and a sense of openness to the places we live. The objects, situations, and spaces I create as community projects, ask us to relate to ourselves, and each other in unfamiliar ways, in hopes of finding new perspectives on how we see ourselves in this world. These socially-engaged participatory interventions allow for a re-entry of the physical and metaphorical landscapes of our lives by provoking conversations around exploring the “local”, public involvement, community building, artists’ sensibilities, bringing criticality to a space, and dissecting the systems that make up our “everyday”.

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