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Matt Eich

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

For the past seven years I have returned to a town in the Mississippi Delta. The residents of Greenwood, and specifically the Baptist Town neighborhood have demonstrated their hospitality and love to me. I make photographs to convey a shared experience. Despite my privileged status as a white outsider, this community allows me to step into their intimate lives and spaces. Through their ongoing act of generosity I am able to learn more about our nation’s complicated racial history, and how it continues to impact daily lives throughout America in persistent and pernicious ways.

Working in the documentary tradition, my approach to making photographs is to view all people with the same intimacy and respect that I apply to my own family. With my work I am looking for the threads that connect us as families, as communities, as Americans and as humans. If we are at risk of forgetting too much of our world, and ourselves, photography is an antidote.

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