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Mary Walker
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

As a painter and printmaker, my goal is to represent human comedy and tragedy
in my work. Our virtues, sorrows, and foibles fascinate me. Many artistic forms inspire me: theater, opera, jazz ballads, dance. These print series are inspired by dance. Having taken ballet and modern dance regularly for many years, I find that this personal knowledge of form and movement has informed my drawing.
The Moor's Pavane, choreographed by José Limón, is the inspiration for Moor. The story is drawn from Othello. The four dancers move in a circle. As the dance progresses, one can see the conflict building between Othello and Iago.
Shoot the Moon, is based on a dance by the Nederlands Dans Theater. Dressed in black, the figures seem inexorably linked though things are not going well between them.
Orfeo was choreographed by Pina Bausch. Orfeo is in the underworld where initially, he is pushed away by the shades.

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