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Mary Edna Fraser
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

“Photographing from the open cockpit of the family’s vintage plane, wind in my face translates to batiks on silk, distilling the adventure into a moment of visual poetry. The expansive interplay of vistas becomes meditative prayers for the planet in my studio. From five-story draped sculptures to 14-inch wide silks, memories flow with layers of wax and dye in the calm of this ancient art form.”

Working in batik, Fraser merges modern dye technology with aerial and satellite photography, maps and charts. As a master dyer, she has taught in Indonesia, Australia, and the United States. Large-scale site-specific installations are her forte.

Over 100 one-woman exhibits are to Fraser’s credit with affiliates such as NASA, Smithsonian Institution, and National Geographic. Collaboration with Dr. Orrin Pilkey, Duke University, has produced two critically-acclaimed texts: A Celebration of the World's Barrier Islands, Columbia University and Global Climate Change: A Primer, Duke University.

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