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Martha Whittington

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My constructed environments speak to the tenderness and innocence of the human spirit as it faces the harshness and treachery of life and labor. By recreating the history of significant objects and ideas such as manual tools, antique devices, and life experiences of laborers, I build an immersive experience. This new view of life and labor asks the audience to re-examine concepts, archetypal associations and connotations. The eye encounters the unexpected as mirrored surfaces merge the viewer into the surroundings. Dialog with the audience is essential to my work, and I am increasingly interested in creating ways in which the viewer’s experience of the concept completes the piece.

In exploring the reversal and interaction of natural and manufactured materials, I focus on line, tension, surface texture, space: all reduced so that the original forms become essential and minimal. Familiar associations become strange and thought provoking.

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