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Martha Jackson Jarvis

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My work explores issues of conservation and our relationship to natural materials and landscapes. I draw uncommon analogies between disparate forms, objects and materials to construct narratives of real and imagined landscapes. I am interested in ethno biology, ecosystems and cultural identity. These concerns are translated within the context of urban and rural spaces. My memory and enchantment with nature spring from my childhood encounters in the rural south. The energy and verve of that memorable environment still informs my work. I am interested in forces that bind inanimate and animate objects in symbiotic relationships that influence life and define our place on Earth.
In my work, I explore the energy in materials, their emanating auras, textures and sources of power. Encapsulated in my symbolism is the idea of a trans-formative creative force that I set in motion. Organic elements reference the fundamental character of the great round that contains the universe.

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