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Martha Clippinger
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

My work blurs the lines between painting and sculpture, fine art and folk, craft and design. I intuitively explore color, geometry, and texture while constructing dimensional paintings from scraps of wood and sewing quilts from reclaimed fabrics. I embrace the inherent imperfections of my found materials and integrate them into the off-kilter geometries and irregular symmetries of my designs.

A curiosity to learn about different materials engages me in a variety of processes. My visual vocabulary of colors, shapes, and forms develops across a range of media that includes not only wooden constructions and quilts, but also woolen weavings and ceramics. The painted constructions, while modest in scale, occupy a space beyond their physical dimensions, and the large, woolen tapestries shift from wall to floor and back again. I use these objects to play with architecture and draw attention to the relationship between the artwork and its surrounding.

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