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Mark Uzmann

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

These Neighbors
This is a series of photographs taken at a number of Martin Luther King Day parades in Savannah, Georgia. In a sense, these pictures form a composite of a community that gathers together to form a representation of Black Savannah locally, perhaps even regionally on this one day, once a year. They comprise a very large family of onlookers and participants in which you will find aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, cousins and in-laws, mothers, and fathers. There are conformist and nonconformist members. There are those of strong counsel and those fallen on hard times. There are lovers and friends, children and old folks.
These photographs are meant to depict a sense of family, of connectedness, as these neighbors gather together to commemorate the birthday of a most important man who sought to reassure us that in essence, we are all members of one family.

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