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Mark Hewitt
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I’ve been making wood-fired functional pots in North Carolina since 1983, splicing what I learned in England as an apprentice to pioneering potter, Michael Cardew, onto the world-class pottery traditions of North Carolina and the South, bending those traditions to create a vibrant contemporary style. I use local clays and indigenous glaze materials to make distinctive tableware and very large pots that express who I am while honoring my place and its ceramic history, and work with apprentices, conveying flexible traditional production techniques and aesthetic qualities to a new generation. In addition, my recent work reassesses aspects of the industrial ceramic world into which I was born; my father and grandfather were Directors of Spode. In 2015 I was a finalist for the American Craft Council/Balvenie Rare Craft Award, and was awarded a United States Artists Fellowship. I’m current President of the North Carolina Pottery Center, in Seagrove, NC.

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