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Mark Bradley-Shoup

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Mark Bradley-Shoup
Artist’s Statement
“Territory and territoriality are the defining concepts of political geography in that they bring together the ideas of power and space: territories as spaces that are defended, contested, claimed against the claims of others; in short, through territoriality. Territory and territoriality mutually presuppose one another. There can’t be one without the other. Territoriality is activity: the activity of defending, controlling, excluding, including; territory is the area whose content one seeks to control in these ways.”
-Kevin R. Cox
“Space has always reduced me to silence.”
-Jules Valles
My work is a response to both the natural and built landscape and how we inhabit, interact and encounter space and form. The intention of my work is to address the theme of expansion and recession/ consumption and growth. I am intrigued by how we inhabit and utilize space. My work responds to the built form, partly for its architectural purpose, but quite often I am

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