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Marita Gootee

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Talking to Ghosts is a series about my mother who was slowly drifting away in a world of her own. Her life was limited to a wheelchair and she was dependent upon others for her needs. She was moving from speaking to me and telling her life stories to talking to those who are in the stories. The look and expressions are not for me but for the ghosts she remembers.
In May 2013 it was decided to move her to nursing facility. This 1st day is one of the last images of her in the series. She died on July 1st 2013 only 12 days after my father died.
The images were all taken with either an ipad or iphone. Talking to Ghosts becomes everyone’s story of losing a family member. This project goes beyond the creation of the images to incorporate my journal entries and related stories.

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