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Marilyn Murphy

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Since moving to Nashville in 1980, I continue to be influenced by the rich storytelling traditions of the South. Where I live deeply affects my work. The scent of the earth here exudes a mystery to me that I am trying to solve with my own visual language. Not copying elements of the landscape onto a canvas but delving into time. Many of my works comment upon the act of seeing, the creative process or some aspect of human relationships while occasionally, my art explores political issues or invented games. The mysterious narrative quality and chiaroscuro lighting from Film Noir as well as the sense of optimism in magazines from the 1940’s and early 1950’s often informs my drawings and paintings. I manipulate scale or use the action of the wind to create an atmosphere that moves beyond reality. The writings of Gaston Bachelard, (1884-1962), who wrote Air and Dreams and The Poetics of Space, have long resonated with my interest in dreamlike imagery.

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