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Mariam Eqbal

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

The inquiry is into time and metamorphosis. I am interested in the visualization of evolutionary processes and the abstracted in-betweens of becoming. Repetition plays an essential role as it functions as a basic constraint, expressing the constant nature of time, fundamental to transformation. The work revisits the history of the moving image through the use of unconventional tools and methods. It is a kind of measure and a memory of time. My practice pivots around the intersections of art and science. I believe in a combinatorial approach to art-making and research. While I work with digital technologies, I like to combine and recombine the old with the new, ideas with materials, tools, and methods. The organic, varying nature of the hand made approach is important in my practice. New media technologies play an essential role and provide a platform to connect the handmade with the automated, the flexible with the constrained, and the unknown with the familiar.

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