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Mariah Blue
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

The central theme in my work is the twilight reality between fact and fiction that occurs when memory is structured into narrative. In this way, the memory is distorted and manipulated. The memory becomes monstrous, a mythological world, science fiction. I can close my eyes and replay a string of memory experiences. It is as if I were looking at my own life through a story book. I am a character within these plots. But I know if I were to relive the experiences they would not be as I remember them. The story is constantly changing. It is edited and embellished.

The New Age movements, AM talk radio, and conspiracy theories are subjects that fascinate me. Fiction permeates our understanding of the world around us and this intrigues me. I'm interested in how we use Fantasy in the Creation of Personal and Cultural Narratives---in this way my work investigates forms of contemporary folklore.

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