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Margaret Curtis
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Set in the social/psychological landscape of the American South, my large-scale paintings explore everyday flexings of power, and continuing pressures toward conformity or silence. My subject matter is feminist, personal, political: the body as occupied territory, autonomy won through confrontation. After years of working to embed a feminist critique of painting within the paint itself--passing my painting gestures through the implements (cake decorating tools, doilies, potato ricers) of a despised domesticity-- I began working with more precise representation to create complex narratives that explore power dynamics within their most intimate settings.

My current practice combines provocative narrative with painterly exuberance of earlier work. I work out of a love for the visceral, embodied voice of the paint itself—the way its physical substance resists the imposition of subject matter while paradoxically amplifying its meaning.

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