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Marcus Kenney

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work takes it form in many different mediums. Primarily I work in non traditional art materials that can range from human hair to industrial insulation and everything in between. I began my career working in photography and creating images of the story telling kind. The narrative has followed me throughout my exploration of other mediums. In migrating my practice into collage, installation, and sculpture, I often will let the materials themselves tell their own story. Where did this object come from, who used it, what is its history? Does it hold its own spirit outside of my dictation? I prefer to work with preexisting objects as a way to practice an anonymous collaboration with the people that once owned them. Certain cultures believe that an object embodies the spirit of its owner. What makes a used shovel so much more interesting than a new one? What was dug with that old used shovel? A hole for a post, a bed for the garden, a grave? These are the things I think about.

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