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Mandy Cano Villalobos

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

“living is grazing
memory is chewing cud”
-Agnes Martin, The Untroubled Mind

A fragile sense of time, place and self marks our age. Life’s busyness rarely affords us the occasion to process our shifting traditions and fluctuating identities. Having grown up in a continually migrating family, my own life is a vague accumulation of disparate locations and second-hand familial narratives. These fractured memories inform my work. I mingle collective histories, personal anecdotes, song lyrics, etc. to affirm our tenuous understandings of the past, and envisage the passing of the present.

My site specific projects rely heavily upon the historical identity of the location and people with which I work. This interest in the passage of time is shaped by my childhood experiences in the South, observing the gradual disappearance of rural landmarks and consequently, my own familial history. Each project, then, is a reflection of these absences, and a nostalgic longing for what evades me.

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