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Maggie Taylor

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Since 1997 I have been using a flatbed scanner, a computer and small digital cameras as my primary tools for capturing fragments of reality. I weave these slices of time together digitally to create dreamlike worlds inhabited by everyday objects and slightly out-of-the-ordinary people. I rarely photograph contemporary people-I prefer collecting and recycling 19th-century photographs.

When I begin to work on an image, I do not have a preconceived idea of the finished work. The images develop slowly, revealing themselves to me over weeks or even months sitting at my desk. This work is meant to be an open-ended, poetic narrative, a mystery to be unraveled by each individual viewer.

I have lived in Florida since the age of 11, and over the years the landscapes, skies, water, flora and fauna of this region have permeated and shaped my work.

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