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Madison Murphy
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

My current artwork explores the unassuming beauty of utilitarian hand tools. I want to confront the viewer with items that are often overlooked and taken for granted. These timeless tools are necessary aids in the art of making, but are not often considered beautiful in their own right. Depicting them in a traditional art form, such as painting, and presenting them in a larger than life scale, not only brings attention to the objects, but also romanticizes them, invoking a comforting sense of nostalgia. For me, hand tools bring to mind a sense of family and a return to pre-technological values. They make me think about the current heritage craft movement that seeks to hold on to traditional skills and crafting techniques that are being lost to time. I use color and subtle abstraction to convince the viewer they are seeing something new yet undeniably recognizable. I hope to intrigue, stir up fond memories, and inspire people to revisit their dusty toolboxes, and create.

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