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Lynne Riding
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Lynne Riding, Statement 2015

Currently my work is involved with making a body of drawing, painting and 3D work that is suitable for installation. I work in an investigative manner, using drawing in the landscape or urban environment as my basis and then moving to the studio for reflection and development.

Driven to make these recent, 3-dimensional shapes by a life experience and on considering the forms, I find that they are loaded with meaning and I have decided to develop more and allow the shapes to speak to each other and as a whole. My involvement with the process is essential to me and provides much opportunity for reflection. This reflected in my painting and drawing.

I am concerned with issues of impermanence. Through the study of landscape, history and the pathos, major components in my work are the issues of shifting perspectives, loss, aligned with the dichotomy of enduring hope, that which drives us on.

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