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Lynne Riding
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Reflection While South

I have observed the beauty of the cotton boll and the sharp contrast of its unforgiving stem and spikes.

Through the study of landscape, history and the pathos, major components in my work are the issues of shifting perspectives, displacement, loss, and above all that of ever enduring hope.
I start by making drawings in the landscape, then working in series of painting, drawing or sculpting, until the impetus is over. I enjoy working back and forwards between pieces and the way they “speak” to each other.
I find that the daily process of building the 3D bowls allows for much meditation and reflection, referencing the daily tasks, the tedium, the care and attention needed for completion aligned with that of many daily domestic chores and intensive labor.

Words that come to mind are, presence, loss, absence, containment, love, held, internal, external, grounding, fragile, complete, displacement.

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