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Lynne Riding
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

The central focus of my work, is a continuation of my ongoing project “Concerning Being”.
The initial installation was exhibited at Artfields, 2015, then further developed for my solo exhibit, 2015-16, Redux Contemporary, Charleston, SC.

I started making these shapes by referencing something of great meaning to me. The shapes speak to the viewer; they speak to me in dichotomies:
What was held /what has left, fullness/emptiness, strength/fragility.

The process of building these paper bowls allows for much meditation and reflection. The daily practice required when making these bowls references the daily chores and the tedium involved with many daily domestic chores, aligned with attention to detail and the care taken.

Currently, I am referencing past workers of the land here in SC, NC, and the link with workers in the cotton mills of Lancashire, England, such as my own grandmother.

Audience asked to respond, previous response projection on wall.

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