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Lucinda Bunnen

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

When I embarked on my photographic career in 1970, few people considered photography a serious art form; however, since then photography has become the fastest growing medium in museums. I began collecting and producing photographs with an eye towards the South in order to celebrate the leaders and artists who were redefining this land. In my own work, I portray the South and Southerners as vivid, provocative, and modern-without relying on outdated antebellum imagery. I believe photography is more than a machine-made image; the camera, like a paintbrush, reveals the aura of the artist, subject, and environment. I look for the unusual in the usual; I seek out the spirit of my subject rather than stilted poses. My portfolio documents the environmentalists, politicians, thinkers, and creators who continue to shape my world. When I look through the lens, I capture the fantastical, Southern-Gothic ambience that makes this place so specials.

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