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Louisa Dunn
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Louisa is inspired by the concept of community, asking of herself and others - how do we influence each other? With intention & compassion, she designs with a perceptive awareness of color and color interactions to express the social and spatial exchanges she observes in the relationships and spaces around her. Considering motif and design in a social setting, she portrays concepts of consequence through playful sense of color and hand processes that propel her designs beyond serving a sole aesthetic purpose. Through thorough authentic research, she hopes to achieve a conscious understanding of the knowledge that materiality and process holds. By looking at historical contexts, her hope is to create with intention and find unconventional alternatives to tradition. Finishing her BFA from home challenged her to strip down to essentials and create with an ever increasing spirit of gratitude - growing more aware daily of what she wanted to continue pursuing.

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