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Lois Hall
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

The desire to paint portraits and landscapes is motivated by the idea of constructing from the foundation as layers are built creating the character or place. Facial expressions, also body countenance, is relied on while painting and documenting time and history of a person or place. The desire to paint is kept fresh and alive through these aspects of constructing and documenting in the personal life of Lois Hall.
The legacy of artistic talent is strong in Lois Hall’s family, as she lived her daily life in the home of her mother, Lois Pressly Brice, a well-known artist in Chester, SC and the surrounding area. Lois Hall is represented in museums, homes, and offices in the South. Graduating from Winthrop University with a BFA in 1988 and Vermont University with a Master of Fine Arts in 2000 has given her formal structure, along with workshops which comply to her direction.

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